Real Estate Technology: Making It a Profit Center for Your Business

Despite the large amounts of time I spend surrounded with the aid of bits, bytes and other tech associated gadgets, I am first and essential a commercial enterprise character.

And even as customers, companies and sales are crucial to strolling a enterprise,
PROFIT is king. After all, it hardly ever matters what you are making. What in reality topics is
what you keep.

To that cease, I firmly agree with that if technology isn’t always making you cash, then
some thing wishes to exchange.

It is time that real estate professionals stop shortchanging themselves by way of viewing
technology as not anything more than a support body of workers for his or her business. Yes, computer systems
are desirable at automating menial duties, but they’re even extra powerful at advertising,
promoting and generating earnings on your actual property enterprise.

In order to convert actual property generation from a value center right into a income middle, it
needs to be promoted from the “administrative group of workers to the board room.” Real estate
era needs to emerge as a strategic accomplice in your commercial enterprise, running WITH you
to attain your CORE GOALS. If it can’t do its activity, then it needs to depart.

So how inside the global do you do this?

The first step is to be really clear approximately what your goals are. Goal putting can
look very special from commercial enterprise to enterprise, however the vital issue is that your
dreams are SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE. What EXACTLY do you want to attain? By

And how will you realize in case you are at the right song?

Goal putting can take quite a few time, however the payoff to having your target actually
described will be large!

Once your goals are set, you are equipped to begin brainstorming approximately how to use
technology, now not to SUPPORT you in attaining those goals, but to PROPEL you to attain
them quicker, simpler and with greater truth.

Of route the help of an expert won’t hurt in making era decisions to your
actual property business, but the critical factor is to make certain that EVERY selection
you’re making has a clear connection to moving you closer to your dreams. As a commercial enterprise
proprietor, however, YOU should lay the important groundwork by using etching your dreams
definitely in your mind.

When generation is completely aligned with helping you reach your enterprise dreams,
your actual estate enterprise will run more easily and create large profits with much less
effort than ever earlier than.

So is there room for development in your current real property era situation?

Here are some inquiries to recollect:

1. If your modern-day laptop systems were an worker, might you fireplace him?

2. Which does your contemporary era setup create greater of, customers or issues?

3. Is technology pushing you in the direction of your desires or growing limitations among you
and your goals?

And the maximum important query of all…

Four. At the stop of the day, is all your real estate generation costing you money or is
it making you cash?

NOW is the time to do not forget stepping onto a brand new direction: the route wherein era
starts to place cash to your pocket as opposed to take it from your pocket. This new
route is extra amusing and an entire lot more worthwhile.

Jason Leister, the Real Estate Technology Guru ™, is proprietor of Computer Super Guy, LLC, a Chicago-based generation company that allows real property experts income with era

Updated: February 24, 2019 — 4:01 pm

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